Barn Door Hardware Designs

In the past, barn door hardware was used in small lofts and artists’ studios, apart from actual barns and was popular in New York suburbs such as Soho and Tribeca. As time went by, and in more recent years, architects started utilizing them in mainstream applications and it soon became a hit among ordinary homeowners and apartment dwellers. The barn door hardware was incorporated into rooms either as room dividers or slick sliding doors to popular rooms.


Traditional doors are made with hinges. However, barn doors slide from side to side. They can be used for both the exterior and interior and can be made of glass, which is commonly found in shower rooms, wood or stainless steel. Glass sliding barn door hardware can last for years and require very little maintenance. They are extremely popular in bathrooms and are easy to clean. They also look pretty stylish and will compliment any decor.

There are also the more rustic barn door hardware available made from different types of wood. They particularly look good in villas where there are high beams to compliment the structure. And also give a nice edge to a kitchen which makes it look like a country home. It certainly makes the room look feature rich. And of course adds value.

The stainless steel barn door hardware is useful as the average stainless door can weigh over 200 pounds. This is great for parts of the house that you need privacy and quiet times such as the office, workshop or study. Stainless steel barn doors also look quite modern and will make a room look extremely spacious.


Sliding barn door hardware can be incorporated in such a way that it can divide a room. You can use it to divide your dining room and your lounge or place it in the bedrooms. A lot of people do this to add value to a home.

It’s always good to install just a couple of barn doors as too many will look overdone. But if you plan your house out properly you could get one in the lounge and one in the bathroom or possibly one in the study. Apartment people can divide a bedroom and make their original one bedroomed apartment into two bedrooms which adds an additional benefit if you intend to sell or get it valued.
Interior barn door hardware comes in many different styles. They range from the rustic, country look, to the modern and sharp looking cabinetry. It can be made from the requirements and fit into the decor of your existing cupboards and will look like a superb design feature overall


Modern barn door hardware comes in a variety of colors to match your room. It can be made of materials you choose and will add that special touch of class to your room. The slider, the part that is attached to the wall can be made in a style to accommodate your room. They can look gothic, modern, sleek, rustic or minimalistic. Whatever suits your taste.

Barn door hardware usually has a locking mechanism which is useful if you want privacy and you want to be able to lock yourself in. And they are extremely quiet to slide. They hardly ever make a sound or creak. This is particularly good as you don’t want to make noises when opening and shutting doors.
The more contemporary barn door hardware can be found in exclusive shops both offline and online and the DIY versions are available too. They range in price from $50 for a cheap wooden shutter version to thousands of dollars for a customized modern style.


Barn doors are proven winners to architects, and happy home owners love the added benefit of a great looking door, that lasts for years and creates such a fantastic dynamic to the room. It just adds a special flair. Barn door hardware is also very functional and will please even the most hardest of critics. With the wide range of barn door hardware available you are sure to be able to find one that suits your home and your taste. It is just a matter of doing your homework or indeed hiring a great architect who understands your style and will design a home with your barn door included.

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