Barn Door Track- How It Works and Why Should You Buy One?

Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse, you can now have a barn door track in your very own home. In fact, it is one of the latest trends in interior design especially where space is an issue. In a small room, the barn door is an excellent choice, and it only has one potential drawback – less sound protection.

How it Works?

The barn door track is not as complicated as most people think. A hardware piece just above the door holds it in place. There is a wheel or wheels that roll when you slide the door. The track is wall mounted, so you don’t have to worry about floor space.


Some people use it for various rooms of the house including the bedroom and kitchen. Different materials, colors, and styles can be used to make the barn door attractive. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can also install a barn door in your own home by simply investing on a barn door track kit. However, if you have doubts, you can always hire professional help to ensure the safety of family members.

The barn door track is a durable and fashionable way of installing a door in any room of the house. You can check out the photos online of the different barn doors that are now used in modern homes. The flat track can complement any décor, and this is where the ‘hangers’ hold the door in place. When you need to open or close the door, all you have to do is roll it to the side.

Barn doors are stable enough to hold different kinds of doors like glass and wood. Customized doors are also available, as well as barn door track system to ensure safety and security. For this, you can combine security and aesthetic appeal in one convenient door. Entry locks can be fitted into the barn door especially for bedrooms.


It is said that effective barn doors must resemble classy enclosures when it is closed, and blend with the room’s decoration when it is opened. Hence, careful consideration must be given when choosing an interior barn door track system.

The barn doors are available in large sizes, but you can also customize it to suit your space or existing door. Ordinary tracks can cost around $800, but you can be sure that the barn doors are of the best quality. You shouldn’t settle with less because you have to make sure that the door is safe, functional, and aesthetic.

Why Invest on Barn Doors?

Why should you go for barn doors? Here are some reasons given by people who have barn doors inside their homes:

  • Solid steel tracks are truly durable; the hardware can handle maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Doors are strong and secured (if you installed entry locks)
  • Saves you time and energy in maintenance
  • Barn doors are versatile, so you can use it in any room in the house
  • Rustic feel and appearance can increase your home’s beauty

The barn door track is installed above the doorway. The hardware is made from a truly strong material, including the hangers. Before you invest on one, be sure to do your homework. Some of the factors that you must compare include the quality of the hardware, door knobs, entry locks, or other features. The price must reflect the barn door’s quality. If you’re going green, you can also choose doors that are eco-friendly that are at the same time durable and impressive.


The flat bar is made from solid steel, and this is enough to convince you that your door is secured once it is attached to the two hangers. These tracks are now sold in a variety of options such as stainless steel tracks, roller tracks, and pocket doors. If you want the best, get ready to pay thousands of dollars. Experts claim that if you are going to spend for higher end barn doors, it can reach as high as $10,000!

Well, there is no need to worry because the market offers reasonable prices. A great advantage of this door design is that you don’t have to worry about post cleanup. Installation is not overly complicated and can be done in a few hours. The decision to stick with a simple or elaborate design is yours. Just make sure that the track you pick is within your pre-set budget.


Shopping for a barn door track is not that hard. Many online stores sell the track systems. If you plan to purchase online, be sure to do your homework and read product ratings or testimonials. This will help you in making an informed decision. You also need to find out if the store delivers in your region or area. Local stores may also sell the tracks hardware for barn doors, but you must choose a reputed company.

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