Constructing Sliding Barn Doors


Barns are farm buildings used for storage purposes especially for the storage of grains, tubers of yam and some other of such things. The types of doors that are used in barns are very important as it helps to give the barns an either modern look or an antique look. Sliding barn doors are very good as it provides the barn with that sleek modern look.


The Sliding Barn Doors Sale

The sliding barn doors sale is very common and lucrative as it is fast becoming a common trend to fix sliding barn doors in homes. Sale of sliding barn doors in most cases is found online at the various websites of different companies and it can also be found at the e-bays. It can also be found at various retail stores that sell home improvement things. Sliding barn doors can sell for as much as a $300 (Three Hundred United States of America Dollars). Different types and sizes of these doors are now made available for you to choose from while you also have available for you, the option to choose what you desire and it will be custom made to suit your taste and style.


How to Build Sliding Barn Doors

If you are very handy with equipment you can also build your very own sliding barn doors that will suit your taste and style. You will find some of these step by step instructions on how to build sliding barn doors helpful when you intend to construct one on your own.

The step by step instructions are as follows:

You first of all get all your tools and materials needed for the construction available like your screw driver, your wood, your sand paper, your hammer, your nails, your measuring tape and so on. You start by taking the measurement of the place where you want to install the sliding barn door. You measure the height and then the width. If there is any existing door previously there, you will have to remove it. You then take note of the number of plank that will cover the width and you add an extra ten (10) for the bracing of the door. Cut the woods that you have purchased for the job using your power saw in accordance with your door opening measurement size and you then divide it into two (2) places for the height of the door. You also cut that of the width into two (2) equal halves. Nail the plank for the door frame height to the door opening on it while you nail the plank for the door frame width of the door on the same door opening. You then fix the rollers for the door on the measured floor on the ground and on the top of the door frame that you have created. When this is done, you fix the first half on the door that you have created on the rollers and you do the same for the other half. Make sure that the doors align properly with the rollers as it will be very easy to fix and slide. You then have to cap the ends of the track by drilling a hole in the track or wood to fix your bolt. You use the wood to make for a stronger stopper on the sliding door. You can then paint or sand your door to give the feel of quality that you so desire or long for.


When you are undertaking this task of making and installing your very own sliding barn door, ensure that you have a helper. Please don’t ever do it alone as it requires a lot of lifting. Make sure that you are wearing gloves to protect your hand and goggles to protect any wood flint from getting into your eyes. Also watch those power equipments like the power saw and the power drill because of your fingers and hands generally.


Antique sliding barn doors are very good as they give the farm especially the barn that old fashioned feel or look that is just right for it. If you are looking for that old fashioned and homey look as against the new modern sleek look for your barn then, it is more advisable that you go for the antique sliding barn doors.

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