DIY Barn door

Interior barn doors add to the magnificence and splendor of modern homes. Sliding barn doors consume very little space because they do not need to be opened and closed like traditional doors. Their aesthetic design is ideal for both domestic and industrial settings where beauty and cost are crucial factors during construction. Setting up a sliding barn door can be expensive especially when one has to buy all the materials and hire a craftsman. This problem can be solved through a DIY barn door, which requires a DIY barn door hardware and a DIY barn door kit.


A DIY barn kit is a cheap alternative for those who love working with their hands. It helps to save hundreds of dollars by reducing barn delivery charges. There are several items that are necessary when building a barn kit on your site. These items include screws, one and three quarter inch nails, a screw gun, a utility knife, a tape measure, a hammer, a sawzall or hand saw, a small speed square and a sledge hammer.

The set-up for each DIY barn door is unique and probably requires different sizes of nuts, screws, tracks and other hardware. However, it is very simple to figure out a DIY barn door which may basically consist of the following: A long piece of metal that takes the form of a flat track, four pulleys that will slide on the track, eight smaller pieces of metal made from the same material as the flat track, four metal cylinders, nuts, screws and similar assembling items, and doors.

The flat track can vary in size depending personal preferences, for instance, a piece of 2-3 cm high and 4mm thick would do for a start. The length of the track should be twice the area that is to be covered and additional overhang on each side. In case a long piece is not found, two pieces can be joined together. Two holes will be needed per track for attachment to the wall. Therefore, a total of four holes will be drilled on the two tracks.


The chosen pulleys should have valleys that are slightly wider than the track course, preferably an inch and half in diameter. Each door should have two metal cylinders with a hole at the center to support the screw that will separate the track from the wall. The smaller pieces of flat metal will be useful in joining the pulleys with the doors.

The materials used to construct the sliding barn door can be found at home improvement stores or hardware. Once all materials are available, assembling the door takes the following steps:

Pre-drill two holes into each door.
Use a pulley and two of the smaller pieces of metal on each hole.
Use nuts to join the small pieces of metal and pulley together.
Leave an allowance between the top of the door and the pulley for the track to slide in.
Slide in the flat track once each door and the screws are in place.
Drill holes into the wall ad screw the doors.


The kind of screws needed depend on the nature of material from which the doors are made. It is important to attach screws to studs and other supportive materials to ensure stability and durability of the door.

DIY sliding barn doors work with every building style, from vintage industrial to shabby dwellings to ultra-modern. They are ideal for laundry room makeovers, bathroom entries, basement doors and other areas within the house. They serve as convenient entrances to industrial stores, theater hall entrances and openings for corridors. The main advantage with these doors is that they do not open or close into any room. This leaves enough space for storage of items. Their sliding nature eliminates the difficulties faced when passing through the door with large irregular items. It is often difficult to carry items like sofa sets, beds and other household materials through regular doors without dismantling. DIY barn doors provide the space need to move such items from one room to another.

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Since purchasing the hardware and kit for a DIY barn door is expensive, DIY barn door hardware and a DIY barn door kit can be improvised to aid in the construction process to lower the overall cost of setting up a barn door. While such a door is simple to set-up, one may need a helper to hold the metals and doors in order to fix them properly. The total cost of acquiring a regular door or a sliding barn door from a store is higher than doing the work yourself.

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