How to Install Flat Track Barn Door Hardware

Flat track barn door hardware is the newest and popular hardware style for doorways. This is stylish, attractive, flexible, and very strong. As it turns out, the name derived for its original application, on large barns that uses large doors and sometimes uses a sliding track instead of a swinging hinge for the doors. The weight, overall mass, and size of the door are no longer effective with the hinges system that makes the barn more vulnerable from trespassers, thieves, and even burglars. For some reasons, the hinges system damages easily because heavy mass that your door has and they tend to bend, warp, and even break easily if not properly treated.


How to use or install the flat track barn door hardware

There are several applications for installing this barn door hardware tract. One example is to separate a room from another where it has an open doorway. Then, this door can use a 2-door sliding system where doors can slide easily into the open and close position. By this way, you will know instantly if someone is trying to invade your privacy by just a creak on your barn door flat track. Besides, you can handle this door with ease even this door is a bit heavy.

Another use of this barn door flat track hardware is using a smaller end application. You can use for a rustic and unique window or entertainment center covering. Take note that you must use smaller doors with varying heights, widths, and depending on your TV or window that you want to cover. You don’t have to worry because this is multifunctional, so you can use them in any way you can without restriction and limitations. Rest assured that using these doors will not only add attraction, but also functional, handy all the time, and can withstand the tear and wear.


The development of barn door flat track sliding door system creates a solution to some of the problems of large barn doors. The door has a 2 track hangers attached at the opposite ends that roll and hang on a large piece of track above the entry or doorway and referred to as flat track hardware. It is because the track itself is solid steel flat bar that gives the track its rigidity and robust strength. Large barn doors have a horizontal track system that supported them. This horizontal design allowed the weight of barn door to spread out more evenly across the entire system and slide back and forth into position instead of having to swing it out.

Why choose the flat track barn door hardware?


The flat track barn door hardware soared with its popularity because this is not only providing you, as the property owner, the security and privacy against unwanted guests and intruders, but also gives an aesthetic effect and appeal. Even, this is rustic and simple looking style, but this is extremely compatible to any kind of room decor. They are strong, flexible, durable, yet fashionable and appealing style for any kinds of doors. The flat track design that rolls and hangs on that track is stable and firm, so this will not collapse and fall down. Bear in mind that this is also perfect that complements for glass, wooden and any other kind of doors. You no longer need the reserved extra space that you normally would have to keep the door opened and you can fit them with sliding mirrors or glasses and woods used in bathrooms for extra privacy are the greatest advantages of this barn door hardware.


This barn door hardware is a bit large and expensive for a sliding door, but it is elegant looking. This comprises of metal tracks, wheels, and bolts needed for wall – mounted. A high – end quality sliding track is very costly, but finding a best deal is possible. Remember that this door does not slide into walls, but adds to the overall decor of any rooms and the door slides out of sight into the wall when opened, so it will become invisible to those seated inside the room and the purpose of having this barn door hardware is then lost. As a result, their technology will make sure that this door will hang or roll outside a room almost like a decoration when kept open, and resembles a classy enclosure when kept shut.

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